Wednesday, November 30, 2005

First Blog! Dave Matthews Concert!

Okay, so I'm starting this blog thing...since the demise of, I thought I'd start one of these things. It seems to be what everybody else is doing....of course, if I did what everybody else did, I wouldn't be where I'm at today. Since I just sent out an e-mail about the Dave Matthews Band Concert, I'm going to print that first! Enjoy!

I have to brag just a little bit! Erin and I were supposed to go to a Dave Matthews Band concert on Saturday night. We had some pretty good seats that we were excited about. They were on the lower level of the Target Center, first row, but behind all the floor seating, so we were going to be about 60 rows from the stage. We were really looking forward to the show because these were probably the best seats I’ve ever had for a DMB concert!

Well, when we arrived at Target Center, the person who scanned our tickets said there was a problem with them and we’d have to go see the person at the ticket office. I was worried that we weren’t going to see the show.

So we walked over to the ticket office and told the gentleman that our tickets were having a problem scanning and he said, “Yeah, we had to move some people around because they changed the seating configuration.” I was kind of upset, thinking we were going to get sent up to the balcony or to the backside of the stage or something. I asked, “Well, do we get the same seats then?” He said, “Unfortunately, we had to move you to some different seats.” Both Erin and I looked pretty upset that we weren’t going to be in the seats we were originally assigned. We asked him where we were going to be sitting and he said, “We’ve moved you to the second row, center stage, enjoy the show.” After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I asked him, “Second row, you mean, one row from the front, second row?” He said, “Yes, make sure you go in the door to the left to get into the floor section.”

So we ran onto the floor section of the Target Center. As we walked in, a security person asked to see our tickets, and after looking at them said, “Oh, well just walk all the way up to the front and the seats will be in the middle.” I couldn’t believe how amazing this was! Here we were, 8 feet from where Dave Matthews himself was going to be singing!

Needless to say, this was probably one of the best nights ever! Having been a Dave Matthews Band fan for sometime, you can imagine how exciting this was for me. He put on a great show and I was able to snap a few illegal photos with my camera phone, the quality is not the greatest but I’ve attached one of them so you can see just how close we were. Keep in mind, these were shot with a camera phone and you have to be pretty close to get good shots.