Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Motorcycle For Sale! Boooooo!

I'm trying to sell my motorcycle, as much as I don't want to sell it, we're doing it for financial reasons that I'd rather not go into....not that we're in trouble financially, just need some money for something else. Anyway, if you know of anybody that needs a new toy let me know.

2001 Suzuki Sv-650s. It's in great condition, never been crashed or laid down....thank goodness. 13,000 Miles. I put in a new battery at the begining of last season, and it got new front and rear tires at the end of last season (less than 1,000 miles ago). At the begining of this season it got a major tune-up. It's a great first bike, as it's not overly powerful that you'll scare yourself, however, you won't be bored with it a few years down the road. I'm asking $4,000.