Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Target Practice! Look out Bad Guys!

After we thought someone broke into our house and we had the police come to check it out (see the story called COPS!), Erin asked me if we could go to the gun range and shoot the gun I have. I said, "Sure!" I think it's awesome that my wife wants to go and learn how to shoot my gun (as long as she's not shooting it at me).

I gave her a basic gun safety class at home before we went to the range and once we were there she strapped on her "eyes and ears" (that's gun range talk for eye protection and ear protection). She was ready to shoot! With very little instruction, she was soon putting a lot of holes in the target!

She shot mostly from 21 feet and on her last target (see picture) she shot about 50 rounds and about half of those were one handed. Every single shot was right in the center of mass! She was shooting better than me! She asked if I wanted to shoot at all, I politely declined, mostly because I didn't want her to show me up. After I saw her shooting, I was a very proud husband! She looked pretty good too in her camouflage cargo pants!

So, if any bad guys break into our house when she's home alone......look out! You do not want to be on the receiving end of my wife with a pistol!

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