Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Swimsuits and Ice Cold Water

This past Monday was a record breaking day for Minneapolis/St Paul! We reached a high temperature of 81 degrees F. Considering we had gotten two feet of snow about three weeks earlier, it was a nice change. I was out and about running errands Monday afternoon and thought I'd swing by one of my favorite lakes to see how many people were out enjoying the nice weather.

When I drove up to the lake I saw some families BBQ'ing and even a few people laying on the beach wearing swimsuits. Now, there's nothing odd about people laying on the beach on a beautiful 81 degree afternoon. What IS odd was, THERE WAS STILL ICE ON THE LAKE!!

It had warmed up so quickly that the ice hadn't had time to melt before the bathing suits came out! Only in Minnesota will you see people hanging out at the lake enjoying the nice weather and still be able to walk on top of the water....although I don't encourage walking on the ice, I think it's getting pretty thin.

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