Saturday, April 14, 2007

Cleansing My Body

I subscribe to a magazine called Men's Health. In it, it talks about different workout routines, ways to eat better, and in general, how to stay healthy. In one of the recent issues it mentioned a body cleanse. A "body cleanse", also known as a "body detox" is supposed to help rid you of all the bad toxins that accumulate in your body from eating processed foods, candy, sugar, caffeine, etc. When I thought about how much processed food I've taken in by being on the road, how many times I've stopped at Starbucks, and how much Easter candy I've had, I figured a body detox might be just the thing I need. After I talked to some friends about it and did some research online, I found that the results after doing a body cleanse include; more energy, better skin, weight loss, and more, trips to the bathroom. So I made a trip to the local general nutrition store and found a 7-day body cleansing program.

When I brought it home I opened it up like a kid on Christmas day. I read the instructions was a little disappointed to see that I am not supposed to drink milk, have any eggs, sugar, caffeine, etc. during the cleansing period. How am I supposed to make it a week without milk! Maybe I can get soy lattes at Starbucks this week instead of the ones made with milk. Wait a minute, isn't it called a latte because it's made with milk? Wouldn't one made with soy be called a "satte"?

So this morning I started my body detox which so far, as gone pretty smoothly, of course, I've only been doing it for about six hours now. I was a little worried that the powder mix that I put in my juice this morning was going to taste like crap but I actually didn't even notice it. I drank my juice and had my four horse pills and sat down for breakfast. I had oatmeal with raisins for breakfast, a steak and carrots for lunch, and am planning a grilled chicken wrap with a side of vegetables for dinner.

So far I'm on a good track. I'll be sure to let you know how things turn out in seven days when I can celebrate and have.....some skim milk? I can hardly wait!

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