Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Good Start to Summer

Yesterday I finished my 7 day detox/body cleansing program! Part of the program was to take a bunch of pills with breakfast along with a tasty fiber mix and then take a bunch of pills with dinner. That wasn't so hard to do, the fiber mix was pretty disgusting but I usually mixed it with some sort of juice to hide the taste. The hard part was not drinking milk, not having any cheese or eggs, not having ice cream, not having any candy or sugar, in other words, eating healthy.

Overall I think I did pretty well. I turned down a lot of candy bars that came with our crew meals, I never went to Starbucks throughout the week, and I ordered things like a chicken wrap with no cheese and no dressing. The hardest thing of all was turning down an ice cream sundae that a flight attendant offered to make on one of our flights home.

I did stumble a little bit when I had a daiquiri on a layover in Cancun, somehow a brownie made its way out of the wrapper and into my mouth on one of my flights, and on my commute home I was in first class and couldn't turn down a egg and cheese omelet. Overall though, I think I did pretty well. As you may remember me writing the positive effects of the body cleansing program were supposed to be better skin, weight loss, and more energy.

I can't say that I have better skin or lost any weight but I think I do have a little bit more energy. Yesterday I celebrated this new energy with a FORTY MILE bike ride from Cannon Falls, MN to Red Wing, MN and back to Cannon Falls. The Cannon Valley Trail is an old railroad bed that rides along with Cannon River, it's 20 miles one way and I had never seen the whole trail so I thought I would celebrate the beginning of summer with a great bike ride. The first 20 miles went fine but I have to say that the ride back was tough. Not only was I going into the wind but my legs have never seen a 40 mile bike ride before and I think they were getting a little upset about my decision to go so far.

I finally made it back to Cannon Falls and was never so glad to see my car! As tired as I was, it was a good way to start the summer and I felt great that I had done it. I'm hoping to do a lot more biking this summer but I don't think my 13 year old bike is going to cut it. My birthday is next week so maybe a new bike will be in my future (hint..hint..nudge..nudge).

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