Monday, August 06, 2007

Proud to be a Minnesotan

Last week Minneapolis made national news with the collapse of the I-35W bridge that connects downtown Minneapolis to the northern suburbs. It is truly a tragedy whenever multiple people die and several others are injured. I was fortunate to not have known anybody who was on the bridge during the collapse but the people who were on the bridge and their families are in my prayers.

It's times like these when race, sex, and religion get thrown out the window and everyone helps everybody else. Times like these put other things in life into perspective. When you have to stand in line for 8 minutes at your favorite coffee shop, when the waiter at the restaurant gets your order wrong, or when your flight is delayed a couple hours. All of a sudden, things like that don't seem to matter as much.

What makes me proud about being a Minnesotan during times like these is hearing the stories of people on the bridge and others from nearby. I haven't heard any stories of people running away from the bridge after it's collapse. I have only heard of people running to help those in need. Even people who were on the bridge when it collapsed helped those who were injured worse than themselves. That's truly what "Minnesota nice" is all about. Not only does it make me proud to be a Minnesotan, but proud to be an American.

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