Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Banks and Grocery Stores

Yesterday a TCF bank located in a South St Paul Cub Foods grocery store was robbed. What's funny about the story is that the bank was robbed twice. Not twice in the last year, not twice in the last month, it was robbed twice.......yesterday!

According to the news article it was robbed by two different people. The police investigator and FBI had literally just left the store and minutes later, a different fellow walks in with a gun and demands money. The first guy said he had a gun, apparently the second man showed them a gun.

How do you think the first robber felt when he heard that the same bank he robbed was robbed later that same day? Maybe this went through his head, "I thought I got all the money, they had more money that they didn't give me?" Should he go back to the bank and complain? "Yeah, I was the one who robbed you earlier today, I hear you gave more money to another robber this afternoon? When I said, give me all your money, I meant all of your money! I didn't mean, leave some money for the next robber. Can I see your manager?"

As I said earlier, this bank was located within a grocery store. Why are there so many banks in grocery stores? Who decided that would be a good idea? I guess they want people to get all their errands done at once. What if it were the other way around though? A grocery store inside of a bank. If someone went to a bank manger and said, "I'd like to install a grocery store in your bank, would that be okay?" I'd imagine the bank manager would just laugh as he escorted the man out of the building. Yet, a bank inside of a grocery store....that's a good idea.

As of late, they haven't found either of the robbers. Maybe the robber went to the bank at the grocery store because they needed money for groceries and they figured it was a "two birds with one stone" type of thing. Wouldn't it be funny if while the FBI is at the bank investigating the robbery, the robber is in the dairy aisle picking up some milk for dinner.

I think I'm going to stick with grocery stores without banks for a while, of course, what if someone robs the grocery store?

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