Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Giving Thanks

Well, if you watch TV today and turn to your favorite news station you'll probably see some 3rd chair reporter sent out to the airport to do the big "Thanksgiving Day Rush" story. He'll talk about how long the lines are at the airport. Haven't the lines been long since 9/11? He'll also talk about how it's going to snow somewhere and it's going to affect the departures and arrivals to certain airports. Well, it is November and it tends to snow in the winter time.

You may also hear stories of how bad traffic will be on the roads and how expensive gas is. As far as I can figure, most people aren't working on Thanksgiving or the day after and those same people are driving somewhere else to visit family so, it's probably going to equal out. I don't foresee any big traffic jams because there's a turkey in someones oven. As a matter of fact, Thanksgiving is probably the biggest carpooling day ever because everyone is driving around and they at least have their significant other or more likely, the whole family, in the car with them.

As far as gas goes, it's been expensive for a while, it might be an extra $0.05/gallon but what's that equal per tank, an extra $1....maybe an extra $3 if you're driving a motor home. Not a big deal.

So, if you have to travel today or tomorrow, take it from somebody who travels for a living. Don't freak out about things, show up at the airport, get on the plane, go fly somewhere. Get in your car, if traffic slows down, slow down with it. What's the hurry? When you're on your way to visit your family and you get to the gas station, be thankful that there's someone working there to take your money instead of being at home with their family.

If you're reading this blog on a computer, consider yourself blessed. Be thankful for everything you have, sure there may be some people that have more than you, but there's a lot of people that aren't nearly as blessed as you are....and they're not wasting their time reading my blog.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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