Monday, November 05, 2007

What Time Is It?

Well, yesterday was the big test to see how well adults follow directions. I'm pretty sure "they" purposely have daylight saving times on the weekend so if you screw it up, you have all day Sunday to try and figure out why you just missed the first hour of the football game. I'm not really sure why "they" have daylight saving time. Do people know that changing the time doesn't change how long the sun shines on us during the day?

I'm sure it's published somewhere but the weekend that we all change our clocks always seems to be a rumor that's just floating around. You never see it on a calender or anything, you just hear it from random people, "Hey, don't forget to change your clock tonight." You might hear from your local weather person on the news or read it in the newspaper but you'd think something like this would be published on all the calendars. My desk calendar tells me important things like when the moon is going to be full, but not when the entire nation is going to change the current time.

Then there's the clocks that automatically change, I really hate those things. Because of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 that Bush signed into law, we're now "falling back" an entire week later so some of the clocks in my house were an hour off when I woke up last week . I wish none of the clocks changed automatically because now I have to remember which clocks I have that change automatically and change them by an hour the week before daylight saving time to accommodate for them automatically changing when they're not supposed to, then I have to change them on my own anyway a week later. What happens if you change a clock that was going to change on it's own but you didn't know it? Now you wake up and your two hours off.

When I was a kid my dad and I were going to go deer hunting the Sunday of daylight saving time. For some reason "fall back" didn't sound right but "fall forward" sounded good to us so we set our clocks forward an hour before we went to bed. We awoke and got out to the forest we were going to hunt in at 5 AM. Well, we thought it was 5 AM but when we noticed that there wasn't any hint of the sun coming up we realized it was actually 3 AM, not 5 AM.

As a pilot, we use a standard time year round. It's called UTC which stands for Universal Coordinated time. It's also known as "Zulu" time. It never changes.....ever. If I told you to call me at 1000 Zulu time, regardless of where you were in the world, it would be 1000 Zulu where I am. There's no AM/PM crap, it's a 24 hour clock, it's actually very simple. I think the whole world should use that to simplify things. Of course, your kid might be going to school at 1300 instead of 0800 but it would still be in the morning when the sun is coming up.

Well, I'm running late for an appointment.....actually, what time is it?

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