Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My New Extreme Sport!

It's officially winter in Minnesota as we got about six inches of snow on Saturday and another four to five inches already today! I know a lot of people moan and groan about how cold it's going to be and how traffic is going to be bad but I look at it as an adventure.

Earlier this summer I bought a new mountain bike and enjoyed beating myself up on the bike trails so I decided that I am going to make biking a wintertime activity as well. Today I went and bought some cold weather biking pants and a balaclava to keep my head warm under my helmet. Usually this time of year most people are running to the outdoor shops to buy new ski clothes or maybe a new snowboard so I'm sure the people at the bike and ski shop that I went to laughed a little when I came in asking if they had any bicycling pants.

I got home and put on my cold weather clothes and pulled my bike out. Keep in mind that it was still snowing and only the main roads had been plowed. It took a little getting used to constantly slipping and sliding (and a few falls) but after a while it became a lot of fun and a great workout! I got a few strange looks but I didn't care, I felt like a kid again out playing in the snow and having fun!

With another four to five months of cold weather ahead there so much to do, snowshoeing, downhill skiing, and my new favorite wintertime activity.....extreme bicycling!

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