Friday, August 08, 2008

Free Coffee

Last week in Chicago a police officer was suspended for 15 months and ordered to undergo counseling for demanding free coffee and pastries from six Starbucks coffeehouses over the last five years. Now, I know that demanding free coffee is probably illegal and immoral but I bet none of those Starbucks locations have ever been robbed. Do you think a criminal is going to rob a place that gives free coffee to cops?

Bad guys don't seem to hang out where police officers hang out. If I owned any sort of small business, especially if it was in a bad neighborhood, I'd be giving cops as much free stuff as I could. If I owned a bicycle shop - free tune ups, if I owned a quick lube - free oil changes, a dry cleaning place - free uniform cleaning.

I think police officers are the soldiers of our streets. They give us freedom and keep us safe from bad guys. For those who think cops are the bad guys....QUIT BREAKING THE LAW!!

Personally, I think cops should get free coffee. They work hard to protect us and get paid very little to do it. Now, there should be some rules about free coffee, no fufu drinks like a "grande, non-fat, no-water, sugar free vanilla, chai tea latte". (You may ask yourself why I know about that kind of drink, well, it's because I like fufu drinks and that one is my favorite.) No, cops get free coffee, maybe some cream, but no speciality drinks. Also, no $4 scones, those things are expensive and I'm sure even a monster like Starbucks can't afford to give those away to every cop in the street.

So, next time you're at your favorite coffeehouse and you see a cop starting the night shift, buy him or her a drink, then tell them where you live....those pesky neighbor kids might become less of a problem all of a sudden.

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