Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The i-Productivity Destroyer

Well, I did it. I jumped on the bandwagon and bought an iPhone. You may be thinking it was one of those impulse buys, but it actually wasn't. When the first version came out, I thought it would be great for my use on the road since I don't carry a laptop. I could have all my music, my calendar, my address book, access to e-mail, the Internet.....oh yeah, and a phone, all in one handy device. I wanted to wait for Apple to get the kinks worked out before I bought the brand new toy. So I waited, and waited, then when I was finally ready to think about buying one, I went into my local Apple store to do some research. The kid working there told me that they're going to be coming out with a new one soon and that I should wait for the new version. More waiting. Finally, Apple announced the new and improved iPhone. All my waiting had paid off because the new version was not only faster (when it comes to Internet use), but you can download all sorts of cool applications to waste your time with, oh, and it was $300 cheaper. Kudos to the kid at the Apple store who told me to wait.

Ever since I've gotten my iPhone, I don't think I've stopped playing with it. They say it's supposed to help with productivity, I'd say it does the opposite. If anything, it's the most productive way to waste time. Now I am constantly checking my e-mail, I mean like every 10 minutes. When I get done checking my e-mail, I go on the web to look for......nothing. When I'm done looking at nothing, I'll play one of the games I downloaded. When I'm done playing a game, I'll check some stocks. What......stocks? When have I ever been interested in stocks? Well, I guess since it's one of the applications on the phone, I might as well use it. Then I'll check the weather in cities I'm not even going to, just to see how their doing. I don't know why I'm surprised when I see that every city is in the 80's and sunny......it's summer, that's how summer works.

Owning the iPhone can really drop your ego down a couple notches too. I'm not any sort of big time businessman who actually has people calling and e-mailing left and right, but the iPhone will make you realize just how many people don't need to talk to you. I still find myself pulling it out of my pocket every five minutes to see if I've gotten a text message, or maybe missed a phone call, maybe I'll check my e-mail again. Sometimes I feel my leg vibrate where my phone sits in my pocket so I'll think I've received a message and when I pull it out.....nothing. I'm having phantom leg vibrations because I think someone needs to tell me something. The other day I was home alone and I could swear I heard my phone beep with a message. Like a kid on Christmas morning I went running across the room to check it.....nothing again. Now I'm just hearing things!

When I first got the iPhone I noticed if I sent an e-mail from it, it would automatically add a signature that reads, "Sent from my iPhone." Talk about great advertising for Apple. Since I didn't want to do any advertising for Apple, I changed the signature to a link for my blog........where I just wrote a big story about how great the iPhone is and how everyone should have one. Ummmmm, I guess this is advertising for them too, isn't it?

I guess if I needed to give a one line review of my new iPhone I'd say this; "I could not love a human baby more than I love my new iPhone." Kidding of course.......kind of.

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