Thursday, October 16, 2008

Football With "The Boys"

Yesterday was a perfect fall day! The leaves are at their peak color, the air is cool and crisp, and I think everyone is trying to squeeze in the last of their outdoor activities before the snow flies. Fall is my favorite time of year and it’s perfect for flag football with “the boys”.

A few friends of mine and I met at a South Minneapolis park yesterday afternoon for a friendly game of flag football. We all showed up with varied skill levels. I hadn’t played football since the 3rd grade and have watched about five football games on TV since then. Most of the guys hadn’t played football in a while, but almost all of them frequently watch it on TV, so they knew the concept. One guy said he brought cleats with him, but I think when he saw another guy show up wearing jeans and sporting a beer in his back pocket, he realized it wasn’t going to be “that” kind of game.

We quickly established the rules and made up the teams. Fortunately for my sake, making the teams didn’t involve me standing there hoping someone would pick me before I was the last guy remaining. We just grabbed a flag and whatever color you grabbed meant you were on that team (although I think when some of the guys saw me grab a red flag, it wasn’t an accident that they “magically” ended up on the yellow team).

The first huddle was when I realized I know absolutely nothing about football. There were plays drawn out on people’s hands and guys covering their mouth while they talked so the other team couldn’t read our lips. I felt like I was listening to a foreign language when I heard terms like running block, sweep, trap, bootleg, and blitz. We’d usually break up the huddle by clapping our hands and yelling something like, “Go Team!”

I have to say, there were some great plays! A few long runs for touchdowns and a lot of great passes were made! At one point, I caught the ball and ran out of bounds as soon as I could to avoid getting tackled. Obviously, I didn’t trust that everyone was going after the flags.

We didn’t keep track of the score very carefully so about 15 minutes before someone had to go pick up their kid at daycare, we decided the next team to score would be the winner. Unfortunately the team I was on wasn’t the team that scored next but it didn’t matter. We all had a great time and came away with a little mud on our clothes and some sore muscles, just what you’d expect from a fall football game with “the boys”.

Pictured Above:
Standing in the back row are; Justin, Paul, Kyle, Me, Mark, Derek, and Brady.
Kneeling in the front row are; Scott, Ed, and Bob.
Not pictured is Clay who took the picture!

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Nancy Holte said...

I only wish I could have seen that!