Monday, November 03, 2008

My Liquid Diet.

Last month I decided to give up going to Starbucks for the month of October. I think I was becoming addicted. It got to the point that I was going almost every day, sometimes twice a day. It seemed as though I couldn't walk by a Starbucks without at least walking in to see how things were going, maybe check and see if they had any new drinks. I'm not sure if I was addicted to the caffeine or the ambiance. I think I liked the whole process; the ordering, the repeating of your order by the barista, then the delivery of your drink when they call your name and again, repeat what you ordered. I think I even liked walking around with a Starbucks cup in my hand. I guess it made me feel like one of the cool kids. There was one step of the process I didn't enjoy however, and that was paying $4 for the drink.

That was one of the reasons I wanted to give it up for a while, it was costing me about $120 per month, and that's if I didn't get yogurt or a muffin. I also thought I could maybe do without the calories and caffeine, neither of those two things were doing much for my diet. I think another reason I wanted to give it up though was to make sure if I was ever addicted to something worse than caffeine, like drugs, that I could hopefully quit. Although, I think being hooked on crack cocaine is a little different than being hooked on caffeine.

What's kind of funny about me giving up Starbucks for a month is......I don't like coffee. As a matter of fact, I hate coffee. I don't even like coffee flavored ice cream. Maybe that's kind of like a vegetarian giving up Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, pretty easy to do. I was hooked on my favorite drink though, a "grande non-fat no-water chai tea latte with a shot of sugar free vanilla". Yeah I know, it sounds like something a high maintenance girl from Malibu, CA would order. Well, I don't care, it's freakin' great! It kind of tastes like pumpkin pie. Yummmm, actually, now that I think about it, October is over. My liquid diet is done! Starbucks, here I come and this time, I'm getting a venti!

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Dana said...

This one is funny, I like it. My mom really laughs at my new found love for coffee. I'm not addicted yet, but sometimes when I'm feeling down, I know a cup of coffee will be just the ticket to lift my spirts.

It's cold outside, we can't really go for a bike ride, well not me anyway, let's get together at the coffee shop soon!!

Your real world friend,