Friday, November 07, 2008

Relaxing at the gym.

I went to the gym this afternoon to workout and noticed they had a new contraption. I'm always anxious to check out the new equipment so I asked one of the trainers what it was. She told me it was a Water Spa. She explained that you lay down in it and it gives you a massage by blasting water against you. Actually, it blasts water against a tarp that's touching you, so you don't get wet. She also told me that for this week only, they were letting members try it out for free. Let me get this straight, I can go to the gym, lay down and get a massage for free. Sounds like I belong to the right gym.

After I got done working out, I asked her if I could try it out. She got it started and told me to take off my shoes and lay down in it. It looks like a massage table and a tanning bed combined into one. I lied down in it and there was a monitor below my face playing some very hypnotic images, actually, it kind of looked like a screen saver. Then she put some headphones on me, playing music similar to what you'd hear in a regular spa. She told me she'd set it for four minutes. I said, "Four minutes! I was thinking more like twenty." She said, "Okay, I'll set it for five." I told her she needed to work on her negotiation skills. Now that I think about it though, it's probably me that needs to work on negotiating because I was there for five minutes and not anything close to the twenty minutes that I was hoping for.

The capsule started to close and the water massage started. It actually felt pretty good. It stung my legs a little bit, but maybe that's because I had shorts on. I have to say, I've had regular massages before and they're about 1,000 times better than this. The five minutes went by pretty quickly and it was a great way to finish my workout.

I'm not sure what the cost difference will be between this and a regular massage, but I'd be willing to pay a little more for the human touch of a real massage. The cool part about this thing looks like a spaceship.

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