Thursday, February 19, 2009

Do-It-Yourself Gone Bad

Today I was at the grocery store buying a few items. Just some milk, cereal, and some granola bars. As much as I like talking to the cashiers, they were all busy helping the organized shoppers. You know the ones, these people plan their grocery trips so that they only have to go shopping once every six months and end up with three carts full of food. Since they were busy, I decided to use the "Self-Checkout" lane. I'm sure you've seen these, they have four lanes monitored by one cashier but you (the customer) have to ring yourself up. They save the cost of having three extra cashiers by having you do their job.

Every time I use this stupid machine it gets mad at me because if I try and set a paper bag in the bagging are, it replies "Unexpected item in bagging area." Uhhhh, yeah, it's a freaking bag!! So the cashier has to come over and enter her keys, turn them both to the right at the same time, then enter a secret code which has to be verified by her immediate supervisor. I'm pretty sure it's the same process the military uses when launching nuclear weapons. So, once that emergency is over, I start putting my groceries in the bag. Of course, the granola bars are too light for it to register as me putting something in my bag and if I set the milk on the floor so I can carry it, we go through the same process all over again. These self bagging lanes are very sensitive to how you treat the bagging areas. If you set a paper bag down, it thinks you're stealing something. Yet, if you ring something up and don't set it down, it thinks you lost it. It's really very concerned for the well-being of myself and the people around me. So now the cashier has been over to see me three or four times, and the lady with three carts is already done and walking out to her car.

We already have to bag our own groceries, even when the cashier rings you up. I miss the days of the high school kid bagging the groceries and bringing them out to your car, well, not my car but the old lady in front of me, her car......okay, my car. Now the only people bagging your groceries are kids trying to raise money. I guess I don't think you should have to ring yourself up, because what will they have you doing next? Sweeping the floors? Stocking shelves? Giving out samples of cake? Actually, maybe I could volunteer for the cake job, I like cake.

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Adam said...

What I think is silly about how sensitive those are, is that the people they should really be worried about are those that don't actually scan the items. Who cares if I place it in the bagging area. Well, here in Stevens Point they still bag our groceries for us. :)