Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, a time for the tree huggers of the world to tell all their non-tree hugger friends that they should recycle more, drive less, and try not to breathe as much - you know, because of global warming. They'll tell you that the Earth is our mother and we need to respect her and what she provides for us.

Can I just say something? B as in B, S as in S! The Earth is NOT my mother. I have a wonderful mother who I have great respect for. But the Earth, well....the Earth is a place. Since when did it acquire a gender?

I hope no one was offended by the term "tree hugger." I love to give people hugs - people - not trees. One time, I almost hugged a tree accidentally. I was trying to stretch my calf muscle after a bike ride and the only thing I could prop my foot on was a nearby tree. I put my arms on the side of the tree, much like a 6th grade boy dancing with a girl for the first time would put his hands on her hips. After I started stretching my calf, I quickly stopped when I realized that it could appear to a passerby that I was literally hugging a tree. So let me just clear the air, I have never hugged a tree.

When it comes to being Earth friendly, I'm not always the friendliest. I try to avoid public transportation. I'm probably never going to drive a hybrid vehicle. I never bring my own grocery bag to the grocery store. I don't use any sort of alternative energy like solar power or wind energy. I certainly don't use fluorescent lights either, they give me a headache and remind me of high school history class.

Now don't get me wrong, I love the outdoors, I love the endorphins I get from a long bike ride, I even love my granola cereal in the morning. For those of you thinking I don't recycle - I do. As a matter of fact, the recycling bin is usually much fuller than the trash bin. I don't pour oil down the drain, but that's mostly because I don't change my own oil. I like organic fruits and veggies, I even ate a Cliff bar for breakfast yesterday.

Holy cow, now that I read all that. It makes me realize that I might be more Earth friendly than I think.

Oh well - Happy Earth Day.

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