Monday, April 13, 2009

It's Tough Being Famous

There's a song by the Dave Matthews Band called Steady As We Go. It's one of the most beautiful love songs I've ever heard. I decided to learn how to play it on the piano over a year ago. Anybody that plays the piano probably could have sat down in an afternoon and learned this song, it wasn't so easy for me though because I don't really know how to read music all that well. When I got the sheet music I went through, note by note and actually wrote out the letters that corresponded to each note on the page. I started learning this song and practiced hour after hour, day after day, week after week, and finally I got to the point that I had it memorized. I eventually posted a video of me playing it on YouTube. It's been on YouTube now for about 7 months and has had over 1,700 views! I've had several good comments on it despite the poor sound quality and occasional mistakes.

A few weeks ago, a girl named Melanie wrote me and asked if I would record this song onto a disc to be used in her wedding! I was really surprised and humbled by this request. I couldn't believe someone actually wanted to use something that I played, in something so special as her wedding! I told her I would get it done and have it ready for her special day. All I needed to figure out was how I was going to record this onto a CD.

I started taking guitar lessons about a year ago. My guitar instructor Matt has a studio in the basement of his house. It's quite the place, mixing boards, synthesizers, four computers that all talk to each other, walls filled with speakers and sub woofers, not to mention all of his guitars. Because of this, he also has guard dog's and a high tech security system that rivals Fort Knox (so don't even think of trying to get in). I asked Matt if recording a song onto a CD would be possible. He kind of laughed, apparently that's like asking a librarian if you can apply for a library card, not really an issue. We ran over the different options of how to record and decided that I would bring my keyboard over to his studio and record it onto one of his computers.

When the time came to record, I was excited! I had never recorded anything that would be put onto a disc and actually be used in public. I arrived at the studio under tight security. After signing a few autographs on my way into the studio, we got the keyboard set up and started recording. After I finished playing the song, Matt transferred it to another computer for finishing and burning. He has the technology to fine tune the playing and fix any mistakes I might have made. In order to save time, however, we did a raw recording first and it actually turned out well enough that nothing needed to be fixed.

We're in the final phases of production (which is basically printing a picture of Melanie and her fiance onto the disc) and then it'll be shipped out to the fans. Well, it'll be shipped out to one fan anyway. I may not be a famous musician one day, but thanks to Melanie, I got to experience something that a lot of people only dream of - recording a song onto a disc in a music studio.

By the way, I'm available for public appearances and performances.


Nancy Holte said...

Good to know that all that money we spent on piano lessons is paying off.

Plane Jane said...

Well, it's obvious that you have too much time on your hands and you feel very neglected in the fame arena, even though you were famous enough for at least one fan! Btw (by the way)I really liked the 5 minute pilot video, even though it may only have been there for 10 minutes. Thanks for the entertainment! Jane