Sunday, October 11, 2009

Time for a Wardrobe (and Climate) Change

I am not sure what the temperature is supposed to be this time of year, but it seems awfully cold here in the great tundra of Minnesota. Summer finally kicked into full swing a few weeks ago, but we seem to have skipped fall. The leaves didn't even have a chance to turn into the beautiful red's and amber's before we got our first snowfall this weekend. More proof of global warming, I guess.

So, once again it's time for Minnesotans to re-learn how to drive on ice covered roads and figure out where the snow shovels are. Time to shut off the water to garden hoses and put away the motorcycles. Time to pack up the swimsuits and bring out the snowsuits.

It's also time to stock up on hot-chocolate and logs for the fireplace. Soon we'll enjoy playing in the snow followed by those great evenings for snuggling on the couch watching classic movies and our favorite television shows.

That's what gives Minnesotans their character. We tend to make the most out of whatever the weather brings. We go to the beach when it's warm, and build snowmen when it's cold. We try not to take the weather for granted because we know the snow can fall just as quickly as the sun can shine.

So as winter approaches and the snow gets deep, remember that spring is just a few months off. It won't be long before you're back at the beach and you will have forgotten the time your car got stuck in the snowbank or the countless times your nostrils froze the second you stepped outside.

The climate is changing - get outside and enjoy it.

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